Fast and Accurate Independent Dose Verification

Supported Treatments

INTDose's advanced Monte Carlo 3D dose verification algorithms deliver accurate results within minutes* and support muliple treatment delivery machines, including TomoTherapy®, Conventional Linacs from Varian®, and Varian® Halcyon™.

Seamless Integration

INTDose provides multiple avenues for workflow incorporation, including:
  • Web-based access and DICOM tools
  • Integration with vendor APIs
INTDose's fully automated workflow identifies new studies and runs dose verification simulations. A summary report is automatically exported to a user-specified folder for future review.

Customizable at Every Level

INTDose contains built-in settings to run out-of-the-box dose verification simulations for all supported machines. Users can customize each setting, as well as summary reports, to match the machines and practices at their respective institutions.
  • Monte Carlo calculations can be commissioned to match each treatment machine's output
  • Machine-specific settings, including imaging intensity value to density tables and TomoTherapy® leaf latency curves can be modified to improve dose calculations
  • Dynamic reports generated for each case can be manipulated to focus on relevant information and analyses

Independent Dose Verification Made Easy

INTDose was designed to streamline this mainstay of radiation oncology quality assurance by delivering fast and accurate results to enable a more efficient workflow. Take a quick video tour of our product, or view our pamphlet, to find out more!

*INTDose Monte Carlo calculations usually complete in less than 5 minutes, and can vary depending on several hardware factors.