Full-Time Data Scientist

Data Scientist needed in Lexington, KY office. Develop and validate computational algorithms in medical imaging applications including research of algorithms, data manipulation, and products deployment. The detailed job duties include: Enhance and maintain current analysis workflows. Conduct research to optimize the automatically radiographic diagnosis using AI/ML algorithms. Develop novel data-driven or algorithmic approaches to solving clinical challenges, leveraging images with associated metadata information. Work on image processing, image analysis, and 3D reconstruction for radiographs with different modalities. Package algorithms for incorporation into products, ensure algorithms meet resource, robustness, and performance requirements as well as clinical requirements. Contribute to the patent strategy of the company, identify patentable ideas, and support the patent process. Prepare reports and detailed findings to support research partners' publications and publish in line with the company's research goals.


  • MS in Statistics, Data Science, Computer Science, or other quantitative science related.
  • dvanced knowledge/skills in Python, Linux, Machine Learning frameworks and packages (Tensorflow, Keras, Pytorch), Statistics, Data Mining and Visualization, Cloud computing platforms (Amazon Web Services - AWS or Google Cloud Platform - GCP).

  • Email your resume with a cover letter to [email protected]